About Audrey

Ellis Dixon married Audrey on her 16th birthday in 1929, and they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary before either died. Neither had the privilege of very much education, however they loved people and enjoyed all visitors. She was an outstanding cook, and Ellis would often surprise both Audrey and the guest by saying, "just stay with us and we will have some dinner in a little while!" Somehow Audrey was always able to find something to make a tasty meal for the unexpected guests!

When Ellis' health began to fail it became evident that we would need to move them from the home that they had built as newly-weds in North Georgia. Audrey was not anxious to move, but consented and designed the house that is now the B & B. After their house was built in 1993, she invited many guests there for a meal as long as she was physically able. Just before her death at age 92, she asked "what will happen to my little home when I am gone?" After much thought we told her that we might use it as a B & B. She loved the idea, because she had expended so much hospitality there and she saw this as a means of continuing her love for showing hospitality.

In August 2006, Audrey's Bed and Breakfast was opened and named in memory of her. She was an excellent hostess who loved having company. This is the tradition that we hope can be continued. Some of the antique pieces of furniture were those that she used much of her long life.